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.. module:: CDataLoaderICubWorld28
   :synopsis: Loader of the ICubWorld dataset

.. moduleauthor:: Marco Melis <>
.. moduleauthor:: Angelo Sotgiu

from multiprocessing import Lock
import zipfile
import os
from fnmatch import fnmatch

from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod

from PIL import Image

from secml import settings
from secml.array import CArray
from import CDataset, CDatasetHeader
from import CDataLoader
from import resize_img, crop_img
from secml.utils import fm
from secml.utils.download_utils import dl_file, md5

# Folder where all iCubWorld dataset will be stored
ICUBWORLD_PATH = fm.join(settings.SECML_DS_DIR, 'iCubWorld')

# iCubWorld28
    '' \
ICUBWORLD28_MD5 = 'd4fcdd02bdb0054688a213611a7a8ae7'
ICUBWORLD28_PATH = fm.join(ICUBWORLD_PATH, 'iCubWorld28')

# TODO: iCubWorld 1.0
# TODO: Hello iCubWorld
# TODO: iCubWorld Transformations

[docs]class CDataLoaderICubWorld(CDataLoader, metaclass=ABCMeta): """Interface for loaders of iCubWorld datasets. iCubWorld is a set of computer vision datasets for robotic applications, developed by Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Genova, Italy. REF: """
[docs] @abstractmethod def load(self, *args, **kwargs): """Loads a dataset. This method should return a `.CDataset` object. """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs]class CDataLoaderICubWorld28(CDataLoaderICubWorld): """Loader for iCubWorld28 dataset. The dataset consists in 28 objects divided in 7 categories, where each category includes 4 objects. For each object there are 4 different acquisition days for training and 4 for testing, with ~150 frames per acquisition. Attributes ---------- class_type : 'icubworld28' """ __class_type = 'icubworld28' __lock = Lock() # Lock to prevent multiple parallel download/extraction def __init__(self): self._train_path = fm.join(ICUBWORLD28_PATH, 'train') self._test_path = fm.join(ICUBWORLD28_PATH, 'test') with CDataLoaderICubWorld28.__lock: # Download (if needed) data and extract it if not fm.folder_exist(self._train_path) \ or not fm.folder_exist(self._test_path): self._get_data(ICUBWORLD28_URL, ICUBWORLD28_PATH)
[docs] def load(self, ds_type, day='day4', icub7=False, resize_shape=(128, 128), crop_shape=None, normalize=True): """Load the dataset. The pre-cropped version of the images is loaded, with size 128 x 128. An additional resize/crop shape could be passed as input if needed. Extra dataset attributes: - 'img_w', 'img_h': size of the images in pixels. - 'y_orig': CArray with the original labels of the objects. Parameters ---------- ds_type : str Identifier of the dataset to download, either 'train' or 'test'. day : str, optional Acquisition day from which to load the images. Default 'day4'. The available options are: 'day1', 'day2', 'day3', 'day4'. icub7 : bool or int, optional If True, load a reduced dataset with 7 objects by taking the 3rd object for each category. Default False. If int, the Nth object for each category will be loaded. resize_shape : tuple, optional Images will be resized to (height, width) shape. Default (128, 128). crop_shape : tuple or None, optional If a tuple, a crop of (height, width) shape will be extracted from the center of each image. Default None. normalize : bool, optional If True, images are normalized between 0-1. Default True. Returns ------- CDataset Output dataset. """ if ds_type == 'train': data_path = self._train_path elif ds_type == 'test': data_path = self._test_path else: raise ValueError("use ds_type = {'train', 'test'}.") day_path = fm.join(data_path, day) if not fm.folder_exist(day_path): raise ValueError("{:} not available.".format(day)) "Loading iCubWorld{:} {:} {:} dataset from {:}".format( '7' if icub7 else '28', day, ds_type, day_path)) icub7 = 3 if icub7 is True else icub7 # Use the 3rd sub-obj by default x = None y_orig = [] for obj in sorted(fm.listdir(day_path)): # Objects (cup, sponge, ..) obj_path = fm.join(day_path, obj) # Sub-objects (cup1, cup2, ...) for sub_obj in sorted(fm.listdir(obj_path)): if icub7 and sub_obj[-1] != str(icub7): continue # Load only the `icub7`th object self.logger.debug("Loading images for {:}".format(sub_obj)) sub_obj_path = fm.join(obj_path, sub_obj) for f in sorted(fm.listdir(sub_obj_path)): img =, f)) if resize_shape is not None: img = resize_img(img, resize_shape) if crop_shape is not None: img = crop_img(img, crop_shape) img = CArray(img.getdata(), dtype='uint8').ravel() x = x.append(img, axis=0) if x is not None else img y_orig.append(sub_obj) # Label is given by sub-obj name # Create the int-based array of labels. Keep original labels in y_orig y_orig = CArray(y_orig) y = CArray(y_orig).unique(return_inverse=True)[1] if normalize is True: x /= 255.0 # Size of images is the crop shape (if any) otherwise, the resize shape img_h, img_w = crop_shape if crop_shape is not None else resize_shape header = CDatasetHeader(img_w=img_w, img_h=img_h, y_orig=y_orig) return CDataset(x, y, header=header)
def _get_data(self, file_url, dl_folder): """Download input datafile, unzip and store in output_path. Parameters ---------- file_url : str URL of the file to download. dl_folder : str Path to the folder where to store the downloaded file. """ f_dl = fm.join(dl_folder, '') if not fm.file_exist(f_dl) or md5(f_dl) != ICUBWORLD28_MD5: # Generate the full path to the downloaded file f_dl = dl_file(file_url, dl_folder, md5_digest=ICUBWORLD28_MD5)"Extracting files...") # Extract the content of downloaded file zipfile.ZipFile(f_dl, 'r').extractall(dl_folder) # Remove downloaded file fm.remove_file(f_dl) # iCubWorld28 zip file contains a macosx private folder, clean it up if fm.folder_exist(fm.join(ICUBWORLD28_PATH, '__MACOSX')): fm.remove_folder(fm.join(ICUBWORLD28_PATH, '__MACOSX'), force=True) # iCubWorld28 zip file contains a macosx private files, clean it up for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(ICUBWORLD28_PATH): for file in filenames: if fnmatch(file, '.DS_Store'): fm.remove_file(fm.join(dirpath, file)) # Now move all data to an upper folder if needed if not fm.folder_exist(self._train_path) \ or not fm.folder_exist(self._test_path): sub_d = fm.join(dl_folder, fm.listdir(dl_folder)[0]) for e in fm.listdir(sub_d): e_full = fm.join(sub_d, e) # Full path to current element try: # Call copy_file or copy_folder when applicable if fm.file_exist(e_full) is True: fm.copy_file(e_full, dl_folder) elif fm.folder_exist(e_full) is True: fm.copy_folder(e_full, fm.join(dl_folder, e)) except: pass # Check that the main dataset file is now in the correct folder if not fm.folder_exist(self._train_path) \ or not fm.folder_exist(self._test_path): raise RuntimeError("dataset main file not available!") # The subdirectory can now be removed fm.remove_folder(sub_d, force=True)