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.. module:: DataLoaderLFW
   :synopsis: Loader of the LFW Labeled Faces in the Wild dataset

.. moduleauthor:: Marco Melis <>

from multiprocessing import Lock

from import CDataLoader
from import CDataset, CDatasetHeader
from secml.array import CArray
from secml.utils import fm
from secml.settings import SECML_DS_DIR

from sklearn.datasets import fetch_lfw_people

[docs]class CDataLoaderLFW(CDataLoader): """Loads the LFW Labeled Faces in the Wild dataset. This dataset is a collection of JPEG pictures of famous people collected on the internet, all details are available on the official website: Each picture is centered on a single face. Each pixel of each channel (color in RGB) is encoded by a float in range 0.0 - 1.0. The task is called Face Recognition (or Identification): given the picture of a face, find the name of the person given a training set (gallery). This implementation uses `sklearn.datasets.fetch_lfw_people` module. Attributes ---------- class_type : 'lfw' """ __class_type = 'lfw' __lock = Lock() # Lock to prevent multiple parallel download/extraction def __init__(self): # Does nothing pass
[docs] def load(self, min_faces_per_person=None, funneled=True, color=False): """Load LFW dataset. Extra dataset attributes: - 'img_w', 'img_h': size of the images in pixels. - 'y_names': tuple with the name string for each class. Parameters ---------- min_faces_per_person : int or None, optional The extracted dataset will only retain pictures of people that have at least min_faces_per_person different pictures. Default None, so all db images are returned. funneled : bool, optional Download and use the images aligned with deep funneling. Default True. color : bool, optional Keep the 3 RGB channels instead of averaging them to a single gray level channel. Default False. """ with CDataLoaderLFW.__lock: lfw_people = fetch_lfw_people( data_home=SECML_DS_DIR, funneled=funneled, resize=1, min_faces_per_person=min_faces_per_person, color=color, slice_=None, download_if_missing=True) x = CArray( y = CArray( img_w = lfw_people.images.shape[2] img_h = lfw_people.images.shape[1] y_names = tuple(lfw_people.target_names.tolist()) header = CDatasetHeader(img_w=img_w, img_h=img_h, y_names=y_names) return CDataset(x, y, header=header)
[docs] @staticmethod def clean_tmp(): """Cleans temporary files created by the DB loader. This method deletes the joblib-related files created while loading the database. Does not delete the downloaded database archive. """ jl_tmp_folder = fm.join(SECML_DS_DIR, 'lfw_home', 'joblib') if fm.folder_exist(jl_tmp_folder): fm.remove_folder(jl_tmp_folder, force=True)