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.. module:: PrototypesSelector
   :synopsis: Selector of prototypes to be used for Classification/Regression

.. moduleauthor:: Marco Melis <>

from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod

from secml.core import CCreator

[docs]class CPrototypesSelector(CCreator, metaclass=ABCMeta): """Selection of Prototypes. Prototype selection methods help reducing the number of samples in a dataset by carefully selecting a subset of prototypes. [1]_ A good selection strategy should satisfy the following three conditions. First, if some prototypes are similar-that is, if they are close in the space of strings-their distances to a sample string should vary only little. Hence, in this case, some of the respective vector components are redundant. Consequently, a selection algorithm should avoid redundancies. Secondly, to include as much structural information as possible in the prototypes, they should be uniformly distributed over the whole set of patterns. Thirdly, since outliers are likely to introduce noise and distortions, a selection algorithm should disregard outliers. References ---------- .. [1] Spillmann, Barbara, et al. "Transforming strings to vector spaces using prototype selection." Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2006. 287-296. """ __super__ = 'CPrototypesSelector' def __init__(self): self._sel_idx = None @property def sel_idx(self): """Returns an array with the indices of the selected prototypes.""" return self._sel_idx
[docs] @abstractmethod def select(self, dataset, n_prototypes): """Selects the prototypes from input dataset. Parameters ---------- dataset : CDataset Dataset from which prototypes should be selected n_prototypes : int Number of prototypes to be selected. Returns ------- reduced_ds : CDataset Dataset with selected prototypes. """ raise NotImplementedError("Please implement a `select` method for " "class {:}".format(self.__class__.__name__))