Source code for secml.figure._plots.c_plot_stats

.. module:: CPlotStats
   :synopsis: Statistical functions plots.

.. moduleauthor:: Marco Melis <>
.. moduleauthor:: Ambra Demontis <>

from secml.figure._plots import CPlot
from import CDensityEstimation

[docs]class CPlotStats(CPlot): """Plots for statistical functions. Custom plotting parameters can be specified. Currently parameters default: - `show_legend`: True. - grid: True. See Also -------- CPlot : basic subplot functions. CFigure : creates and handle figures. """
[docs] def apply_params_stats(self): """Apply defined parameters to active subplot.""" fig_legend = self.get_legend() if self.show_legend is not False and fig_legend is not None: fig_legend.set_visible(True) self.grid(grid_on=True)
[docs] def plot_prob_density(self, scores, ts, **params): """Plot density estimation of benign and malicious class.""" de = CDensityEstimation(**params) xm, malicious_pdf = de.estimate_density(scores[ts.Y == 1]) xb, benign_pdf = de.estimate_density(scores[ts.Y == 0]) self.plot(xb, benign_pdf, label="ben pdf") self.plot(xm, malicious_pdf, label="mal pdf") # Customizing figure self.apply_params_stats()