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.. module:: CClassifierSkLearn
   :synopsis: Generic wrapper for SkLearn classifiers.

.. moduleauthor:: Battista Biggio <>

from import CClassifier
from secml.array import CArray
from secml.utils.dict_utils import merge_dicts, SubLevelsDict

[docs]class CWrapperSkLearnMixin: """Generic wrapper for SkLearn instances. Parameters ---------- sklearn_model : `sklearn.base.BaseEstimator` object The scikit-learn instance to wrap. """ def __init__(self, sklearn_model): self._sklearn_model = sklearn_model @property def sklearn_model(self): """Wrapped SkLearn classifier.""" return self._sklearn_model
[docs] def get_params(self): """Returns the dictionary of class and SkLearn model parameters. A parameter is a PUBLIC or READ/WRITE attribute. """ # We extract the PUBLIC (pub) and the READ/WRITE (rw) attributes # from the class dictionary, than we build a new dictionary using # as keys the attributes names without the accessibility prefix # We merge our dict with the sklearn `.get_params()` dict return SubLevelsDict( merge_dicts(super(CWrapperSkLearnMixin, self).get_params(), self._sklearn_model.get_params()))
def __getattribute__(self, key): """Get an attribute. This allow getting also the attributes of the internal sklearn model. """ try: # If we are not getting the sklearn model itself if key != '_sklearn_model' and hasattr(self, '_sklearn_model'): return self._sklearn_model.get_params()[key] except KeyError: pass # Parameter not found in sklearn model # Try to get the parameter from self return super(CWrapperSkLearnMixin, self).__getattribute__(key) def __setattr__(self, key, value): """Set an attribute. This allow setting also the attributes of the internal sklearn model. """ if hasattr(self, '_sklearn_model') and \ key in self._sklearn_model.get_params(): self._sklearn_model.set_params(**{key: value}) else: # Otherwise, normal python set behavior super(CWrapperSkLearnMixin, self).__setattr__(key, value)
[docs]class CClassifierSkLearn(CWrapperSkLearnMixin, CClassifier): """Generic wrapper for SkLearn classifiers. Parameters ---------- sklearn_model : `sklearn.base.BaseEstimator` object The scikit-learn model to wrap. Must implement `fit` and either `decision_function` or `predict_proba` methods. preprocess : CModule or str or None, optional Features preprocess to be applied to input data. Can be a CModule subclass or a string with the type of the desired preprocessor. If None, input data is used as is. Attributes ---------- class_type : 'sklearn-clf' """ __class_type = 'sklearn-clf' def __init__(self, sklearn_model, preprocess=None): CWrapperSkLearnMixin.__init__(self, sklearn_model) CClassifier.__init__(self, preprocess=preprocess) if hasattr(sklearn_model, 'classes_'): # Model is pretrained self._classes = CArray(sklearn_model.classes_) # FIXME: how to obtain this from pretrained models? self._n_features = 0 def _fit(self, x, y=None): """Fit sklearn model. Parameters ---------- x : CArray Array to be used for training with shape (n_samples, n_features). y : CArray Array of shape (n_samples,) containing the class labels. Returns ------- CClassifierSkLearn Trained classifier. """, y.get_data()) return self def _forward(self, x): """Implementation of decision function.""" if hasattr(self._sklearn_model, "decision_function"): scores = self._sklearn_model.decision_function(x.get_data()) probs = False elif hasattr(self._sklearn_model, "predict_proba"): scores = self._sklearn_model.predict_proba(x.get_data()) probs = True else: raise AttributeError( "This model has neither decision_function nor predict_proba.") scores = CArray(scores) # two-class classifiers outputting only scores for class 1 if len(scores.shape) == 1: # duplicate column for class 0 outputs = CArray.zeros(shape=(x.shape[0], self.n_classes)) outputs[:, 1] = scores.T outputs[:, 0] = -scores.T if probs is False else 1 - scores.T scores = outputs if scores.shape[1] != self.n_classes: # this happens in one-vs-one raise ValueError( "Number of columns is not equal to number of classes!") scores.atleast_2d() return scores def _backward(self, w): raise NotImplementedError( "`_backward` is not implemented for this generic sklearn wrapper.")